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  • Pointe Hilton Pool Closed

    I did not have a problem with the hotel, I canceled and has taken me 7 months to get a refund which I am still waiting on.. This is the same company as expedia, hotels, Travelocity etc.... crooked company........Never use a 3rd party again... Just a joke .......... all online sites under one company just a sham.............. Top it off I let them know that business account is closed and do not refund to this account send a check or give More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    ajsalman's Picture   ajsalman    0 Comments   Comments
  • hotel reservations through

    perhaps it is an issue that one needs to watch the source of the web site but I thought that I was booking directly through the hotel which I find out would have been upwards of $70.00 per night LESS had I been directly booking through the hotel. I felt mislead that I was not booking directly through the hotel. It seems a real scam that these booking agents do not have to state that their prices may be higher. They do like to advertise lower prices than going direct which I have NEVER found to be true!!! What a rip off! Even my confirmation was designed to make me believe the reservation... More...
  • Roomstays misleading on price

    I arrived in Vancouver airport late without a room reservation, so I Googled a hotel where I had stayed before and was satisfied. They were full and the website referred me to Roomstays, listing Hampton Inn as the least expensive available at $113, so I booked it. The confirmation listed the cost at $141.35 including tax recovery charges and service fees. When my Mastecard bill came in the charge was $165.56. I phoned Roomstays to complain and was told that the price quoted was US dollars and the difference was US/Cdn$ exchange. I made this booking in Canada for a Canadian hotel using a... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Bwanagraeme's Picture   Bwanagraeme    0 Comments   Comments

    DO NOT book your reservations through! I booked a hotel in Vancouver BC for 2 nights in July. I called RoomStays 3 days prior to cancel because of a family illness. RoomStays called the hotel and assured me that I would get a full refund, even though the hotel normally charged a 1 night penalty, and gave me a 'case number' as reference. When I called back several weeks later because I had not received my refund, they told me they had no record of the case number they had given me and could do nothing to secure my refund - not even for 1 night. More...
    bradljj's Picture   bradljj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive Marketing Practices -- BEWARE!

    I saw the Roomstays website advertising a stay in the Monterey Bay Embassy Suites Hotel starting at $123.00/night. I am retired, and my dates are extremely flexible. I could not find this rate for any of 6 different dates I tried on the website, so I called the phone number. I was on the line for about 80 minutes while the agent tried to find this rate for ANY day in the next 12 months. He could not even come close to this price (his price was half again as much at this advertised offer), so he tried to "bait and switch" me to another hotel for the $123 price. I... More...
    Stevezzz's Picture   Stevezzz    0 Comments   Comments

    Made a reservation without knowing it was through "RoomStays" and when I got the email confirmation, I tried to cancel because the hotel gave a better rate. They would not cancel...even if the reservation is 18 days away!! I talked to a manager "Richard" and told him the person I made the reservation with NEVER identified himself as being with "RoomStays". He informed me their policy is to identify much for RoomStays policy!!! NEVER book with them!!!!! More...
    jbad's Picture   jbad    1 Comments   Comments
  • Credit Card Charged after Cancellation

    I canceled a reservation within moments of registering because hotel we booked had construction going on. This was one month prior to the day of arrival. I have Cancellation Confirmation email from and they STILL would not honor the cancellation because they stated they did not have any record of the cancellation. Isn't that what cancellation confirmation numbers are for???? Have spent days, of my school district's man hours trying to get these charges reversed!!! More...
    cathyhanes's Picture   cathyhanes    2 Comments   Comments

    TANKER's Picture   TANKER    0 Comments   Comments
  • Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport

    I made a reservation through the hotel not knowing I was actually reserving through I tried to cancel my reservation 36 hours before the check in time and spent about 3 hours on the phone with the hotel, Expedia and RoomStays. The helpful person at the Radisson said she would cancel the reservation, but because they had a third part credit card on file, they could not assure me that I would not be charged. I have just spent another hour on the phone back and forth between the hotel and RoomStays and still do not have any assurance. I will ALWAYS ask if is part... More...
    mkerr3's Picture   mkerr3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancellation Policy

    The biggest loser! ME!, I'm not sure how I got transferred to the site and I'm not sure if the cancellation policy for the was given prior to my hitting the button but 3 days later I need to move back my stay by one day keeping the 2 day stay. I was advised it would result in a 90% cancellation fee of the full reservation. I keep the two nights stay and called the hotel directly and booked an up grade for less $'s for the one night I wanted to slide my reservation to. Quite the slick move by an "I.T." person to switch me to the... More...
    wswords's Picture   wswords    0 Comments   Comments
  • Misleading rip off

    When I made my hotel reservation, the website looked just like the hotel website with pictures and print that looked like the Marriott I was booking. After putting in my credit card information, I scrolled down and noticed it might not actually be the Marriott website. I spent about an hour trying to cancel my reservation. 3 hours later I receive the confirmation email which is $10 more than the refund. Spent another 20 minutes trying to get that back. "tough beans" for me. The website it misleading. Looks like official Marriott and the customer disservice is terrible. More...
    jcross933's Picture   jcross933    0 Comments   Comments
  • Website charges $10 non-refundable fee, even if cancelled right away

    I booked a hotel through and called to cancel it right away. They have a $10 booking fee that they would not give back. What other website charges $10 just to book a room? I did not expect that since I've never seen it before and didn't know it was OVER and ABOVE the price that was listed just before I hit my credit card payment. I called and spoke to several people and they said there was NOTHING they could do, that it was their policy and they are keeping my money. They have lousy customer service and they basically said, "tough beans." I'll... More...
    thunder103's Picture   thunder103    1 Comments   Comments
  • HIGH FEES - some hidden - and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

    NEVER use this website! The $9.95 non-refundable fee IS disclosed on the checkout page IF you read all the fine print, although the first page that I read showing this fee did NOT say that it is non-refundable. There is also an inexplicable TAX RECOVERY FEE over and above the hotel taxes. Total taxes/fees paid on a 2-night stay were 23.2% of the room charge. This is my fault for not reviewing the charges more carefully before completing this transaction, but this hotel booking "service" is a RIPOFF. Also, my credit card was charged immediately, but it took almost 8 hours to... More...

    Booked a room for $50 and charged $18 for booking fees and taxes. Called their 800 Number. I was passed on from agent to agent instead of a supervisor. Supervisor, said it was to late to cancel and that we will be charged. Then she offered to cancel the reservation but we are still getting charged. I asked, why should we cancel if we are still getting charged? I wanted to start laughing but they are so ...... NEVER AGAIN THRU ROOMSTAY More...
  • edited my complaint

    i recently wrote a complaint about as they sent me an email asking for a opinion for a 5% discount on my next booking which i WILL not use that website anymore. few days after i rated and rimrock a ONE STAR, i noticed that my complaint was edited and my complaint was rated a 3 star out of five. i decided to email them and their reason why they edited my complaint which i copied "Thank you for your review. We apologize for any inconvenience. We do reserve the rights to edit reviews so that no offense will be taken by our readers. The reviews must be... More...
    JCPW's Picture   JCPW    0 Comments   Comments

    I booked a room at the "4*" hotel Rimock Resort Hotel online where I google Rimrock and went on their website and i booked a double occupancy which came to a total of Total Charges: $282.35 (including tax recovery charges and service fees) **PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS INCLUDED RECOVERY CHARGES, TAX AND SERVICE FEES As a Canadian in Canada, booking to a hotel in Banff Alberta, ONLINE, everyone would expect that one would be charged in Canadian dollars. However, this was not the case! To my surprise, it was in US dollar. I called the number back, an agent i believe in the Philippines... More...
    JCPW's Picture   JCPW    0 Comments   Comments

    I booked a hotel inadvertently through this site..NEVER AGAIN. I canceled the reservation within 20 minutes, AND was charged for one full night's stay for a reseRvation that is not until mid-April, and it's February 6, 2014. I called, and asked them to explain to me why this was since I cancelled well in advance. They told me that because I cancelled too early I was being charged. COMPLETE SCAM!!! DO NOT USE THEM, BOOK WITH THEM, THEY ARE CROOKS!!!! More...
  • Room Stays Was the WORST experience EVER!!!

    I was overcharged for my room so when i called to complain they said, "sorry no refunds it's policy". I was OVERCHARGED! Also, i was charged $10.00 fee for using the site which they never told you about when booking. During the conversation with a terrible customer service (which was zero service) agent i was disconnected 7, yes SEVEN times. In the end i have no room, no reservation and a $190.00 credit card bill for making the mistake of booking through this criminal site. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! More...
    michelled2008's Picture   michelled2008    0 Comments   Comments
  • roomstay-based on theft!

    Stay away! From roomstay! All they do is book you a room that you could do just as easily yourself (same info. that you would type into the hotel site) Then, charge you a $10 fee!! (Of course they don't tell you up front-all the info. is hidden in a tiny little icon) Also, you do not get a better rate or anything else with them-they should be banned from the internet! And you can't cancel! I had to cancel my credit card! STAY AWAY FROM ROOM STAY!!!! More...
    meeee's Picture   meeee    1 Comments   Comments
  • SCAM!!

    company is terriable to do buisness with.. does not gove full disclousure of charges, books wrong rate but still charges and wont refund. could not explain the fee's $ or what it was for. they took wrong email and i did not recieve confimraton for 2 days even though i called 4 times. reservation agents and managers are rude and lie. NEVER NEVER book with this company. better to deal directly with the hotel. they lied and said no other charges were required after i booked with them. this is not true. hotel will still charge their fee. More...
    JEMC's Picture   JEMC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Room stays and my refund

    I made a reservation what I thought was though the hotel but when I called to cancel they said I had to call expedia. So I got the number from my email. I called to cancel my reservation and she said it was all taken care of. I paid with a credit card and they said would take a few days to refund. Well 10 days later it still isn't refunded. So I call back now they are trying to tell me I never called and cancelled. I don't know what to do I need help More...
  • Total rip off-Confirmation email did not include website or phone no.

    I too thought I was dealing directly with the hotel. When I called the hotel (Harrahs/Tahoe) to cancel several days before arrival I was told that the hotel could not cancel because reservations were made thru a 3rd party. When I asked who 3rd party was I was told it was Expedia After many unsucessful attempts to get satisfaction on this website, I called back to Harrah's and was given a phone number for Expedia, was unable to talk to anybody except that the 3rd party could be After many frustrating delays I finally got to verify reservations were made... More...
    LenR's Picture   LenR    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refused to refund sneaky post payments more....

    We booked a hotel with with and urgent "one more room available at this rate" warning with also a promise for a deluxe upgrade. First of all. There was no such thing as a deluxe upgrade when checked in. Second: They ended up charging us nearly double of what was listed with a tiny little post at the end saying, oh by the way we are charging another $9.95 separate fee. Third: The hotel pics posted were completely misinterpreted and largely exaggerated. Our stay was NOTHING like what we thought we would get by what was listed on the website. After calling they... More...
    squiggles's Picture   squiggles    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip off

    I booked a hotel from which I thought was through the hotel website. Turns out it was through room stays and they charged me 10.00$ for booking a room which was already expensive. I want my money back. From what I have researched the company is a scam and have been scamming people out of money for awhile. More...
    Gfabian's Picture   Gfabian    0 Comments   Comments
  • Room Stays is A RIP OFF

    Do not use room stays - they charge a $10 fee to book the same room at the same price as offered directly thru the hotel. The $10 fee is non-refundable even if you cancel the room within 2 minutes. The $10 fee is ridiculous since Room Stays offers no discount! You can get a cheaper room directly at the hotel website or thru Orbitz, etc which has no fee. DON"T USE ROOM STAY! More...
    waterypond's Picture   waterypond    0 Comments   Comments
  • awful experience

    Just had an awful experience. Booked the hotel room in the wrong city (Hastings,NE vs Hastings, MI) due to their paid google search result (Hastings MI brought up the link to Nebraska and I did not notice) They absolutely refused to refund the Nebraska room, even though I needed and was willing to book the Michigan room. An absolute ripoff. Recommend that they NEVER be used. And pay close attention to who is actually booking the room for you. Their logo was tiny and I thought I was on the Holiday Inn booking sit. More...
    Meridian410's Picture   Meridian410    1 Comments   Comments
  • horrible

    I went to several booking web sites and ended up booking a hotel for an upcoming conference on this site. I assumed it was like every other hotel booking site I have used. NO! They not only had a $9.95 booking charge (unheard of in this day and age) but also charged the entire thing up front. Considering this was a room for three people, who were all going to be paying on university accounts, this was a disaster. Since it was all charged on my one card, it all comes out of my account. Since it is prepaid and NOT REDUNDABLE at all --- if I cancell they charge the full amount -- I am... More...
    docstacey's Picture   docstacey    0 Comments   Comments
  • $9.95 Charge is a RIP OFF

    I am disputing this $9.95 charge to my credit card. I was not notified of this charge until I looked at my bank statement. I am appauled that this Company thinks it is okay to charge us $9.95 to click a button and I am the one who is clicking....Argh! I demand that they refund this charge and will continue to write negative reviews until they give me my money back. I called the customer service center and apoke to AJ who would not give me her managers # and would not give me her last name or another # I could call. VERY RUDE customer service....... More...
    vardah's Picture   vardah    1 Comments   Comments
  • room stays booking hotel room service

    This company is a ripoff Do not use this service. They overcharge. I booked a 2 day stay at Holiday Inn in Grand Haven Mi. The current rate for the room according to the hotel, if I had booked with the actual hotel would have been $109.95 plus tax and fee. I was quoted $119.95 If I wanted the hot breakfast. Sounded like a deal. My credit card was charged $284 for a 2 night stay. The actual taxes on the room was 16.16. $242.00 16.16 does not add up to the $285.00 charged to my credit they charged another $9.95 and this was not disclosed untill after I received an email the... More...
  • will not refund charge for hotel stay

    I mistakenly booked a reservation for a hotel on London, Ontario instead of London, KY. I was charged twice for the same two nights, once by roomstays and the other by the London KY Country Inn and suites. Roomstays would not help me at all. All they kept telling me was that I didn't cancel enough in advance and was a no show, of course I didn't realize the mistake until I got to the correct hotel. It seems no one cares about customer service once they get their money. More...
    megbaker720's Picture   megbaker720    0 Comments   Comments
  • expresssway inn suites cancelations and nonrefundable charge

    I reserved two rooms through roomstay--although I thought I was on the expressway suites website. I need to cancel one of the rooms and change a reservation to the other, when I went to do this I found out that there is a non-refundable charge. This is the first time I became aware of this, not once did I see this posted anywhere on the web page when I was making my reservations. To top it off I am being charged a $9.95 fee per room. What a joke. My reservations are two months away, it isn't like I'm canceling my reservation the night before.. Roomstays is a disappointing site... More...
    upsetmomma's Picture   upsetmomma    1 Comments   Comments
  • custumer complaint

    I had first called Hotwire and they had great deals, however you would need a creditcard on you when you would arrive at the hotel. therefore their agent suggested to call the hotels individually and ask how their procedures are done (we do not have our own cards, therefore we used my mothers for the hotel reservation). I then called roomstay and they said that no security funds would be needed upon arrival everything would be put onto my mothers card. I had also asked for a hotel within 5 miles of the airport. The hotel had agreed with roomstay saying that they did not need a card for... More...
    ashlab's Picture   ashlab    0 Comments   Comments
  • Roomstays

    Very unhappy with roomstays. First of all, I did not realize and it was not made clear that there was a $9.95 service fee. Secondly, even though I'm being charged this non-refundable fee, I still have ZERO option to cancel my reservation, which I would have wanted to do, as the tourist train that I was going to take has cancelled their trips due to a derailment. I will stick with in the future. NEVER USE THEM!!! More...
    mberry7's Picture   mberry7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid this company

    Booked a room with them, not realizing that they were different from, Expedia, etc. I noted that there was no charge for cancellation with the hotel. My plans changed, so I called them to cancel. That's when I learned about their $9.95 non-refundable charge for booking the room. This is outrageous, and seems like a scam to me. More...
    jimOH's Picture   jimOH    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    I went to and tried to book a hotel room for my husband and I anniversary. I put in all of my credit card information and the website said that the room was already sold out and to choose another room. I chose another room and never received a confirmation email. I call to receive my email confirmation and when they finally sent it to me, they had charged me for two rooms. I called to cancel one of the rooms and they said that they can only refund the room cost and not the booking fee. I am pretty sure that i am not the first customer that this happened to. If they do... More...
    Tiffanirenea's Picture   Tiffanirenea    0 Comments   Comments
  • HORRIBLE service

    This company not only charges a 9.95 fee to reserve a room through them, which they cannot provide you a receipt for, but they never cancelled my reservation even though I cancelled in plenty of time and their call center service is horrible. They have no escalation capability outside of sending you off to a manager that quotes policy and procedure and will not escalate from there. I will never use them again. More...
    lisao's Picture   lisao    0 Comments   Comments
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